The purpose of the Office of Professional Standards is to improve the quality of law enforcement services through departmental policy. Citizens’ confidence in the integrity of the police department increases through the establishment of meaningful and effective comment procedures.

This confidence engenders community support for the police department, improves the relationship between police officers and the citizens they serve and encourages cooperation that is vital to the department’s ability to achieve its goals.

An effective disciplinary framework permits police officials to monitor officers’ compliance with departmental policies and procedures as it assists officers in meeting departmental objectives. This monitoring system permits supervisors to identify problem areas that require improved training programs, supervision or policy changes.

Through policy, the Office of Professional Standards ensures fairness and due process protection to citizens and officers, alike.

The Office of Professional Standards carries out the following responsibilities:

     • Investigate citizen complaints about officers

    • Investigate administrative complaints about officers

    • Conduct hiring

    • Respond to Freedom of Information Act requests

Office of Professional Standards