The Narcotics Unit is comprised of highly trained individuals who work proactively to help fight the spread of illicit drugs. The unit is responsible for the investigation of the possession, sale or manufacture of illegal drugs within the city of Pine Bluff. The investigations primarily originate with sources developed by the Narcotis Detectives, but can be initiated by information from anonymous sources, citizen complaints or other ivestigative methodology.

The Narcotics Unit also investigates other vice-type crimes, and addresses quality-of-life issues that arise within our city, including unlicensed gambling, prostitution and patronization of prostitutes. Additionally, the unit works closely with agents of the Arkansas Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and federal agencies to ensure compliance with city, state and federal laws regarding the sales and distribution of alcoholic beverages by permitted businesses.

To report suspicious activities, call 870.543.5119. Tips may be left anonymously.

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