The Pine Bluff Police Department Detective Division bears no resemblance to the images of old black-and-white films. From staffing to electronic data management and digital imaging, the Detective Division utilizes all state-of-the-art technology at its disposal to solve cases.

However, the oldest technique is still the most effective: the Interview. Talking to people is the most important aspect of a detective’s job. The most sought-after skill in a detective is the ability to talk with crime victims and suspects alike, and draw out the information needed to solve a case. Additionally, detectives are individuals who require little supervision and consistently exhibit the ability to make sound decisions

The Pine Bluff Police Department Detective Division is responsible only for felony cases. While most police departments limit their detective divisions operations to the day shift, the PBPD Detective Division operates around the clock, including holidays, in order to meet Pine Bluff’s investigative needs.

The PBPD Detective Division manages the Crime Scene Unit and the Sex Offender Registry.

Detective Division