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It is the mission of the Pine Bluff Police Department to provide quality police service to our community by promoting a safe environment through police and citizen interaction placing emphasis on service, integrity, respect, and honor.

It is out of the above principles that our effort to create progressive ideas for the continual development of this agency is birthed. It is our fervent desire to establish and sustain relationships that will ultimately foster respect and trust between the PBPD and the citizens of Pine Bluff. Moreover, cultivating relationships across our community will afford the PBPD the opportunity to best meet the needs of the citizens.

As we begin the process of facilitating an environment that is conducive to safety, the PBPD has adopted the following initiatives:

Community Policing is a service that allows officers to become better acquainted with local business owners by visiting the establishment. As officers listen and connect with owners and employees, officers can determine various approaches to effectively provide assistance to the people we serve and protect. Additionally, as officers are patrolling their zones, the camaraderie between officers and citizens can manifest organically via simple gestures such as speaking, smiling and taking the time out to ask questions that forms connectedness.

  Crime Mapping is an initiative whereby data is collected through the forms of maps that indicate locations of which crimes have most frequently occurred. Based on crime mapping and the data that is provided, officers can strategically design an enforcement strategy to curtail criminal activity and abate future harm. Crime mapping also includes predictive policing which enables officers to collect information with the intent of decreasing crime and increasing public safety through the use of geospatial technologies and evidence-based intervention models.

Project Safe Neighborhood is a nationwide initiative of the United States Department of Justice to reduce gun violence and gang crime in America. In a collaborative effort, the PBPD, community partners, and strategic enforcement efforts will focus on making our community safer by empowering citizens to be agents of change.

Organize Crime Drug Task Force is a collaborative initiative under the auspices of the Deputy Attorney General and federal agencies to utilize federal drug resources to assist the PBPD with reducing the flow of illicit drugs and drug proceeds by adhering to the following:

•             Identifying and targeting the major trafficking organizations

•             Eliminating the financial infrastructure of drug organizations

•             Emphasizing financial investigations and asset forfeiture

•             Redirecting federal drug enforcement resources to align them with existing and emerging drug threats

•             Conducting expanded nationwide investigations against all the related parts of the targeted organizations

 Policy Revisions are necessary to ensure that boundaries and appropriate behaviors are established workplace standards. It is imperative that each officer and staff personnel employed by the PBPD are held accountable for upholding and adhering to guidelines and expectations of this agency. The Command Staff of the PBPD understands that policies and procedures are living documents that changes and evolves with the agency. Obsolete policies may leave the agency at risk and cease to remain in compliance with laws or regulations that manage new systems or technology. Consequently, the Command Staff reviewed and revised each policy and procedure that governs the PBPD and made these documents available to all employees. As best practice, the PBPD’s policies and procedures will be reviewed twice a year.

Inspirational Quote – There is immense power when a group of people with similar interests gets together to work toward the same goals.”  ― Idowu Koyenikan