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Basketball Camp

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Baseball Camp

In March we have our 5 Day Baseball Camp with children ranging from ages 6-15 years old which takes place during Spring Break. This camp gives children ways to improve their talents and leadership skills. We have coaches from various schools and police officers that guides the children along the way. Our Head Coach is Mr. Cortez Lee (Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Baseball Coach, And Head Track Coach at White Hall High School).

Harold Blevins City of Pine Bluff Basketball Camp

A week of Basketball for boys and girls ranging from the ages of 6-16 years old. The camp strives to improve their talent and leadership skills. It is sponsored by the Pine Bluff Police Department with the Head Coach/Facilitator being Coach Harold Blevins a retired.

Coloring Contest

Every February we have Black History Coloring Contest for the 1st and 2nd graders and a Black History Essay Contest for the 6th graders. Each contest involves all school districts in Pine Bluff such as Watson Chapel, Dollarway, Pine Bluff, etc. We strive to educate our children on black history as well as having fun at the same time. The children really enjoy this event and we enjoy reading their essays and seeing the different pictures come to life.

Citizens Police Academy

The academy sessions (which are free will meet from 6:30 pm until 8:30 pm on a Tuesday or Thursday nights for eight (8)weeks. Having a dialogue with the people we are sworn to protect is one of thePolice Department's major concerns.

Understanding the Crimnal Justice System is a major concern to all law abiding citizens.

Addressing issues that affect both the citizens and the Police Department.

Interact with Police Officers, Judges, Attorneys and other selected guest.

Share your ideas and concerns-one-on one-that affect you and your everday life.

Have the opportunity to ride along with an officer, tour MECA and the Juvenile Detention Center as well as go to the firing range.

Domestic Violence Walk

October is nationally recognized as Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention Month; a time to celebrate survivors, honor those who have died, raise awareness, and confirm our commitment to preventing intimate partner violence in our community. The first step to creating a world without violence is simply letting people know that it is a problem that exists in our community – and that we care enough to do something to stop it!  We hope to remind the community that violence is another public health issue affecting too many members of our community. Our Domestic Violence Walk is one way we try to end domestic violence by walking and speaking with individuals and letting them know they have options. The walk take place on the Third Tuesday on the north lawn of the Civic Center at 12:00 (noon) we encourage everyone in the community to come out and walk. This walk includes the Police Department, Deputy Chief and Chief of Police, the mayor, CASA director, and the prosecuting attorney. All of these individuals including members of the families come together and try to help others.

Easter Egg Hunt

This hunt takes place every year on Good Friday with children ranging from 2 years old to twelve years old. We have food, games, prize eggs, money eggs, and even Easter baskets and bicycles are given away, we even have a little friend called the Easter Bunny to come pay the children a visit. Our seniors we are blessed to have them, and we   have a section designated especially for you.

Fall Festival

Our Fall Festival is a big event where all citizens of Pine Bluff and Jefferson County come out in their favorite costumes and have a trick-or-treating good time with their friends and police officers. This is a great event and the children really seem to enjoy it. We have contest for the best costume, cotton candy, face painting, bounce houses and plenty of candy for everyone.

Fishing Derby

Our fishing derby is open to children 15 and under, and also our Senior Citizens. This event gives them the opportunity to learn to fish and also clean and cook their fish when done. We also provide, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, games, school supplies and a thank you bag for our seniors. This event takes place the 3rd Saturday in August every year at the Martin Luther King Park. To kick the derby off we have a fish off competition which includes elected City and County Officials, Judges, UAPB chancellor, all school districts Superintendents, Principals and of course Police and Fire Chiefs.

National Night Out

National Night Out which takes place the first Tuesday in August every year. This is a national event is a big back to school bash for the whole family, all citizens of Pine Bluff are invited to attend. We have numerous Vendors such as Red Cross, Neighborhood Watch Groups, Transit, etc. We also provide food, drinks, games, door prizes, school supplies,

Operation Goodwill

This program is held every November for the Thanksgiving Holiday and we prepare a pre-cooked Thanksgiving Dinner which includes a Smoked Turkey, Dressing, 3 sides, vegetables, gravy, rolls, and a desert. The dinners are distributed to victims of rape, burglary, senior citizens, and families of homicide victims just to let the family know that they are not forgotten and that we do care.

Police and Youth Day Camp

Starting in the month of June, we have a six - week program called P.A.Y Camp (Police and Youth). This camp age ranges from 6-16 years old and is open to boys and girls. The camps curriculum is based on motivational speakers, leadership skills, self-esteem, school academics, life skills, teambuilding, arts and crafts, recreation, field trips, etc. The camp is from 7:30 AM- 4:00 PM with breakfast, lunch, and a snack provided. Our goal is to provide the children of our community with something to do over the summer months and to reinforce the concepts of staying drug and violence free. We strive to instill discipline, educate our participants, build character, foster respect toward others, and engage in our community while having a little fun at the same time. The camp is ran by service division officers and selected patrolmen. The staff also consist of older students who have been employed thru the summer work program and some dedicated community mentors.

Santa the Policemen

Santa the Policemen visits nursing homes, daycares, elementary schools, preschools, adult daycares and the cancer institute. Our senior citizens and children love to see Santa bring them gifts and are also grateful for everything the Pine Bluff Police Department has done for them and continues to do.