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Shift "B" Functions

The patrol division provides services to the community twenty-four hour a day seven days a week. These services include

enforcing criminal and traffic law, conducting follow-up investigations, answering complaints, crime prevention, community relations, and transporting prisoners. Patrol officers have to be able to evaluate a situation quickly and arrive at the proper decision. The patrol division is normally the first to arrive on the scene of any crime or emergency situation.

Officers are usually assigned to the same patrol zone so they can become familiar with area and the citizens in the area, and the citizens can become familiar with the officer.

Day shift “B” is currently staffed with eleven officers and four recruits.
The supervisors on day shift “B” are Lieutenant Robert Roby, Sergeant Charles Cash and Sergeant James Woodfield.

Night Shift “B” has eleven officers, and the supervisors are Lieutenant Denise Richardson, Sergeant James Bunting and Sergeant David Williams.


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