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Our Fallen Heroes . . . .

On February 5, 1920, Detective C.C. Lynn was shot and killed by George Vicks, which he was attempting to arrest for a prior

shooting. After shooting Detective Lynn, Vicks ran into a group of homes. A group of citizens surrounded the homes and burned three down before flushing Vicks out. As he came out he was shot and killed in a fusillade of bullets fired by the citizens.


On December 25, 1926, City Detective Homer C. Nuckolls was shot and killed by Perry Dean at Dean's home at 14th & Hazel. Perry Dean was then shot and killed by Patrolman J. B. Middlebrooks.

Early Pine Bluff Black Policemen: Gabe D. Walt and Johnny Wilson - C. 1909


On March 4, 1985, Motor Officer John R. Fallis, age 26, a member of the Pine Bluff Police Department since November 1982 was shot and killed while making a traffic stop on his way to answer disturbance call in the 700 block of Walnut. 

As he radioed to dispatch the driver of the vehicle exited and opened fire with a handgun, striking Patrolman Fallis in the arm and chest. The suspect fled the state but was apprehended and returned. He was convicted of Patrolman Fallis' murder and sentenced to life without parole.



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