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North Section Patrol
Shift "A" Functions

The patrol function is a primary function in law enforcement but is much more than the art of patrolling. The patrol division functions include officers

engaging in a wide variety of activities to include but not limited to enforcing criminal/traffic laws, answering complaints, conducting follow-up investigations, community relations, crime prevention and transporting prisoners.

Our coverage is 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide our services as needed. Normally an officer is assigned to the same zone so as to be familiar with citizens in that area and the citizens can be familiar with that officer. The officers are then able to easily determine when something is "not right" and can address the situation as needed.

Day shift "A" is currently staffed by fourteen sworn officers and two recruits.
Day shift "A" is led by Lieutenant Terry Hopson and two Sergeants.

Night shift "A" is currently staffed by sixteen sworn officers and one recruit. Night shift "A" is led by Lieutenant James Golden and two Sergeants.


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