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The nearly universal access to the internet has created a new class of criminals; cyber criminals. The Pine Bluff Police Department recognizes that the internet is a big place with some very bad virtual

neighborhoods. Because of the ease of access and the fact that many do not fully understand the risks, the children of this community can easily find themselves in the company of predators without knowing it. The Cyber Crimes Unit is in place with a mandate to combat this problem.


Cyber Crimes works in conjunction with the Detective Division and is primarily funded through a federal grant. The Cyber Crimes Unit is also part of the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) in partnership with the Arkansas State Police.

The Cyber Crimes Unit develops leads by monitoring internet chat rooms as well as downloads of  photos and videos depicting child rape from web sites that promote or enable the exploitation of children.

Though the internet lacks clearly defined borders or jurisdictions, a predator’s contact with a child in this community may well begin there and that is why we are there, ever vigilant.


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